​Insurance Disputes

If you are involved in an insurance dispute or a lawsuit, mediation can help resolve your case in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Reinsurance Disputes

The majority of reinsurance disputes are settled outside of the courtroom.  In most cases, disputing parties are amenable to settlement but are unable to figure out how to get there without wasting time, money, and aggravation.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting often but not always involves litigation.  Forensic accountants like Debra Polise-White work closely with attorneys and corporations to build strong legal cases based on financial information

Welcome to our website. Bagehot LLC provides mediation/arbitration services and forensic accounting consulting.


Richard L. White provides mediation services to those involved in disputes in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area.  Experienced in the insurance industry, Dick White understands the needs of both insurance companies and policyholders.  He knows there are times when litigation is necessary, but understands this is not always the case.  Parties involved in insurance disputes are often able to reach a settlement through mediation that satisfies both sides. 

The process is cost-effective, less time-consuming and less adversarial than litigation.
Dick White has the ability to help in all types of New Jersey insurance disputes.  He is capable of evaluating information and determining whether or not mediation is the most appropriate option for settling a dispute.  He facilitates communication between disputing parties and helps them see not only the advantages of mediation, but also the future opportunities the process provides.

Forensic Accounting

When Bert Wailoo and I formed the accounting firm of Wailoo and White in 1990, virtually no one specialized in forensic accounting. Unlike most CPA practitioners we sought non-recurring project assignments. As we conducted these discrete assignments, to our surprise we found pockets of problems with our clients internal accounting control systems and procedures. The pattern that we observed was a pesky condition, perhaps sometimes a thorny one, that inevitably became troublesome and then serious.

Too often the genesis of these conditions was a result of the business owners or management viewing the financial system as a nuisance. It was as if the system existed to satisfy outsiders like tax authorities, lenders or regulators (for public companies).

That the accounting system would be either (1) a compass directing attention to the contribution of various product sales or geographical performance – today more likely defined by a website/Facebook as well as physical locations – or (2) a thermometer registering the extent of life-giving cash, the variable cost of production (or services) and the contribution margin of various products, never occurred to management.

Though Bert and I adjusted our practice to address these matters as best we could; Debra Polise-White spent her career identifying and resolving them. So if your business has some pesky (or thorny) irritants in its financial system, give her a call at 201-280-8943, before they become troublesome or serious.