Debra Polise-White and Richard L. White can illuminate the accounting questions and concerns of parties be it a dispute or financial records in arrears.  Whether this concern involves financial reporting or accurate record keeping, Debra and Richard use their extensive experience to help parties gain a clearer understanding of their financial position. Call either today at 201-280-8943 for a consultation.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting often but not always involves litigation. 

Forensic accountants like Debra Polise-White work closely with attorneys and corporations to build strong legal cases based on financial information.  Information compiled by forensic accountants can be used in all types of cases, from criminal to civil suits.  Forensic accountants are also able to assist with business valuation and fraud assessment.

Experienced forensic accountants are able to provide attorneys and businesses with a range of expert financial and litigation support services for family and commercial litigation issues.  They assist in facilitating negotiations in divorce and various family law issues, as well as commercial and civil cases.

Forensic accountants can provide information for parties who choose mediation for civil and family law matters, as well as couples pursuing collaborative divorce.  Forensic accounting services can be especially beneficial for matters that combine various aspects of the law, such as when a divorcing couple owns a business and need assistance valuing their personal and business assets.  The best forensic accountants across the country are capable of using the information they organize to help disputing parties reach a fair and mutually beneficial settlement.

More and more we are seeing organizations seeking forensic assistance because their financial records are not ready for examination by independent accountants or auditors. Often this is attributed to recently acquired subsidiaries or firms that have grown very fast and have not maintained their books and records at the same pace.