Insurance Disputes

If you are involved in an insurance dispute or a lawsuit, mediation can help resolve your case in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

 A skilled mediator is able to work with disputing parties to find the best resolution.  Even when it seems individuals and insurance companies seem far from reaching an agreement, an experienced mediator can facilitate conversation that enables both sides to see the benefit of compromise.

Mediation is an effective tool for all types of insurance claims, including:

    Automobile (commercial & personal)
    Commercial property and liability
    Corporate liability
    Denial of coverage
    Excess and reinsurance coverage
    Fidelity and surety
    Insurance brokers & intermediaries
    Legal malpractice
    Life Insurance
    Medical malpractice
    Natural disasters
    Personal injury
    Professional indemnity
    Public adjustment
    Residential property
    Special events and entertainment coverage

Working with Dick White means you are working with a mediator who is a trained insurance expert and understands the various legal options and the value of risk analysis is essential.  This information must be current, which is why as an insurance mediator in New Jersey, he places emphasis on continued education – to ensure that the advice he gives to clients is up-to-date and relevant.  Call Dick today at 201-280-8943 to schedule a consultation