Reinsurance Disputes

The majority of reinsurance disputes are settled outside of the courtroom. In most cases, disputing parties are amenable to settlement but are unable to figure out how to get there without wasting time, money, and aggravation. Reinsurance mediation can help.
Insurance is intended to provide protection and support when you need it most, but there might be times when the support you believe you deserve is not what an insurance company is willing to provide. Disputes arise all the time between consumers and insurance companies regarding benefits.

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Practice Areas

Insurance Disputes ​

If you are involved in an insurance dispute or a lawsuit, mediation can help resolve your case in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. A skilled mediator is able to work with disputing parties to find the best resolution. Even when it seems individuals and insurance companies seem far from reaching an agreement, an experienced mediator can facilitate conversation that enables both sides to see the benefit of compromise.

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Forensic Accounting 

Forensic accounting involves or is expected to involve litigation. Forensic accountants work closely with attorney and corporations to build strong legal cases based on financial information. Information compiled by forensic accounts can be used in all types of cases, from criminal to civil suits. Forensic accountants are also able to assist with business valuation and fraud assessment.

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